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Zlatan Ibrahimović
Zlatan Ibrahimović

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Publié le 19/06 à 18:14
Zlatan never misses. Me and my Visa Team make sure fans don’t either. #PayLikeZlatan #WorldCup #VisaAmbassador
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Publié le 18/06 à 10:00
In med bollen i mål #letsgo #letthegamesbegin #wearethebest #vmguld
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Publié le 18/06 à 04:01
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Publié le 17/06 à 14:24
Taking over @jovan_kirovski #minoraiola #fifaworldcuprussia2018
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Publié le 15/06 à 14:19
I was the first player on the pitch at the 2018 FIFA #WorldCup. Visa Everywhere You Want To Be. #PayLikeZlatan #VisaAmbassador.
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Publié le 14/06 à 14:07
Now the World Cup can officially begin
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Publié le 14/06 à 08:17
I promised the world I would be on the pitch at the FIFA World Cup™. Between Zlatan and Visa, genius found a way. Visa #VisaAmbassador
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Publié le 11/06 à 21:14
I pack fast, I pay easy, I miss nothing. Zlatan style. #PayLikeZlatan #VisaAmbassador
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Publié le 10/06 à 09:03
Team Work LA Galaxy
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Publié le 08/06 à 18:58
Just one week before the games begin. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of my challenge www.zlatanchallenge.com Free to play, lot's of prizes to win. Be soft... Bethard