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Publié le 25/06 à 15:39
I’m so grateful for these women, for the words they’ve written and the worlds they’ve created through their art.. so stoked to have you at the show in London Adele and JK ❤️. Always.
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Publié le 24/06 à 23:47
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Publié le 24/06 à 15:56
Still processing how special last night was, thank you London for two incredible nights at Wembley Stadium. I’ll NEVER forget the sound of the crowd when Robbie Williams showed up to sing Angels, that was UNREAL!! Thank you to Robbie, that was such a spectacular moment and it meant so much to so many people, including me.
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Publié le 23/06 à 17:00
✨Thank you for a magical first night at Wembley Stadium ✨
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Publié le 23/06 à 02:20
Soundcheck at Wembley Stadium with this guy Niall Horan THANK YOU for surprising the crowd tonight!!!
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Publié le 23/06 à 00:10
I’ll never forget this London, when this happened in the middle of my first show at Wembley Stadium ❤️ I love you
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Publié le 22/06 à 16:13
New cat tees are available now! Shop here: taylor.lk/store
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Publié le 21/06 à 13:33
Last weekend I got to see this beautiful sight looking out at the crowd at Croke Park. Tomorrow and Saturday we’re coming for you Wembley
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Publié le 18/06 à 22:52
Mer does not care.
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Publié le 16/06 à 23:48
Me when I see a cat.