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Women's History Month continues on and today we are celebrating Arianna Huffington, founder of Thrive Global, a company aiming to end the stress and burnout epidemic by offering companies and individuals sustainable, science-based solutions to enhance well-being, performance, and purpose, and create a healthier relationship with technology. 1. Best business advice ever given? It’s from my mother, who was definitely not a businesswoman, but it’s great advice for every part of life, and it’s that failure isn’t the opposite of success, but a stepping stone. 2. Have you taken on something major that you initially didn't know how to do? Writing my first book, which is the case for every author. But it’s the only way to learn how to write books! 3. How often do you have breakdown to breakthrough moments? Name one. Not often – breakthrough moments come to us more when we’re fully charged and not breaking down. But in 2007 I collapsed from exhaustion and burnout and broke my cheekbone. That was a breakthrough moment for me that taught me that burnout isn’t the way to succeed and ultimately led to the founding of Thrive Global. 4. What is the “why” that keeps you going? My passion is helping people engage with others, connect with themselves and thrive – that’s what keeps me going. 5. What trait has allowed you to get to where you are today? Curiosity and openness.
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Its viernes!!!!
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No better way to spend our Friday than getting business advice from Camila Figueiredo Coelho!! She turned her personality in to a brand and a business and she is #EmpoweredByBusiness. Check out her site: 1. Best business advice ever given? "Work hard, work smart but no matter what you do, work in silence. Great battles were won in stealth. " From Author: Arshad Wahedna 2. Have you taken on something major that you initially didn't know how to do? Yes, my blog! When I started, it was a hobby, I basically learned as I went, and it was the best decision I have ever made! 3. How often do you have breakdown to breakthrough moments? Name one. Not often, but I have always believed that in order to grow, not only as professionals, but also human beings, you need those breakdown moments in order to achieve an amazing breakthrough! Staying positive and having self-love will always help you to see the positive side of every struggle or life change! 4. What is the “why” that keeps you going? The fact that I love what I do, and with my job, I get to inspire so many people (especially women) in a positive way, is priceless. The emails I get every single day from followers, are the biggest "why" that keeps me going - knowing that with a simple video/post/message I can affect someone's life, inspire them to have more self-love, self-esteem and to everyday be a better human being, is an accomplishment to me! 5. What trait has allowed you to get to where you are today? Perseverance and positivity! Being sure of what you want and always looking at the positive side of things (being good or bad) will help you a lot along the way!
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Our #EmpoweredByBusiness #SheEO of the day is Lauren Bush Lauren from FEED Projects!! We are LOVING the "woman on a mission" totes (and all the other products)!! Check them out on the FEED Projects page :) What is the best business advice you've ever given? The best business advice I have ever been given is to trust my gut. Too often we get discouraged before we even try something, so trusting your ideas and your ability to lead and get things done can be half the battle. Creating something unique and impactful is never easy, but the good things in life rarely are. What is something major you've taken on that you initially didn't know how to do? Everything! Starting and running a social business right out of college meant I have had to figure things out each step of the way, from how to create a product (in my case a FEEDbag) to how to get it in front of customers, as well as how to create meaningful partnerships and make sure we're always having an impact and providing as many children as we can with the food and nutrition they need. More recently, my Team and I opened up our first physical shop in Dumbo Brooklyn - the FEED Shop & Cafe. It was something I had wanted to do for years, but didn't know where to start. It was a major highlight of my 2017 to see the brand come to life in this new way and be able to sell our FEED products and cultivate a community via our little Shop & Cafe. I've found that jumping in head first is often the only way to get things done. How often to you have breakdown-to-breakthrough moments? Please share an example. In the past ten years of running FEED, the overarching vision and mission have stayed the same - "to create good products that help feed the world." Being a business leader is a balancing act of staying steadfast to your core vision and mission while also being open to learnings and evolution in order to keep what you are doing moving forward. At times, this means being humble and not holding things you have created too preciously so that they can grow. For example, during the first several years of FEED we only sold 2-3 styles of bags, including the iconic FEED 1 bag that feeds one child in school for one year (which is still one of our best sellers today). I was hesitant to iterate and launch too many new FEED styles thinking it might weaken the brand and our overall focus as a company. I ultimately realized how loyal of a customer base we had built, and that they were looking for newness in order to continue to shop FEED and support our mission. Today we really focus on design and putting out seasonal newness almost every month, which is helpful in selling more products, reaching new customers, and ultimately raising more money to feed kids. What is the "why" that keeps you going? The "why" behind what I do remains the same ten years after starting FEED - to create a great company that helps address the disparity that exists in the world by providing school meals to children for every FEED product sold. Like EBY, FEED is a conduit for good. We recently launched a really powerful "Women on a Mission" Campaign leading up to International Women's Day that is all about empowering women and their personal missions to inspire and impact the world around them. (link to What trait has allowed you to get where you are today? A mix of optimism and persistence.
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Aquí les va un pedacito de mi entrevista con CaELiKe Head and Shoulders
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Day 6 of our #EmpoweredByBusiness campaign is dedicated to the Co-Founders you probably start your day with, Carly and Danielle from theSkimm Best business advice ever given? Danielle: If you don’t advocate for yourself, who will? Know how to tell your story. Have you taken on something major that you initially didn't know how to do? Carly: Starting theSkimm. We never went to business school. We didn’t know how to launch an email newsletter, an app, make videos, or a podcast. We didn’t even know how to use Excel well, let alone fundraise and build a team. Danielle: But we did have a background in journalism, and knew our friends wanted a better way to stay informed and keep up with the news. How often do you have breakdown to breakthrough moments? Name one. Carly: We have breakdown moments all. the. time. We show them frequently on our social channels. We like sharing them. Because building a company is hard, and we want to be honest with our audience. Danielle: Breakthrough moments include when our company registered 110K people to vote in the 2016 presidential election…and when we found out Oprah Winfrey Skimm’d. What is the “why” that keeps you going? Carly: Our Skimm community keeps us going. And so does our team. What trait has allowed you to get to where you are today? Danielle: We’re scrappy, we hustle, and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Check them out at if you aren't already subscribed!!
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@lorraineschwartz #EyeBangle
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@lorraineschwartz Eye Bangle launch!!!! #lorrainegirl
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Day 5 highlighting women #EmpoweredByBusiness and we have the Editor-in-Chief of InStyle, Laura Brown!! Q: Best business advice ever given? A: Oh geez, I have a terrible memory for advice, but there's one thing I've gleaned from 20-plus years of experience: "Underthink it." Have you ever heard anyone say, "I completely overthought that and it was better?" No. Trust your instincts because they got you where you are. And keep moving! Q: Have you taken something major on that you initially didn't know how to do? A: Yes, this job! Well, I have been in magazines for years and learned the industry of course, but running a brand like InStyle is a much larger proposition. You learn as you go, but the best thing to do is follow your instincts and make a big thing small. Good ideas will maximize themselves, and carry you through. Q: How often do you have breakdown to breakthrough moments? Name one. A: Ha, the days when I haven't had enough sleep but I need to perform - for the public, the fashion industry, advertisers, my bosses, staff. But you kind of supe yourself up and get through it. It's often challenging managing budgets and a team in a tough industry - when you'd love just to focus on the creative - but in the end, you're running a business. Q: What is the “why” that keeps you going? A: I love people, and I'm honestly honored and thrilled if anyone takes time out of their day to show up for me and InStyle. I can surf for weeks on the joy of creating a great story that got people talking, made them smile, or helped - in a small way - change things for the better. I'm in the business of entertainment, but in the climate we're in, it's becoming more about being on the right side of history. Q: What trait has allowed you to get to where you are today? A: I think it's my enthusiasm combined with an ability to get things done. Also, frankly, just being kind to people. If you're a nice person and good at your job, you earn a certain equity. And in my business, that equity is trust. Trust will carry you a long way.