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Publié le 21/06 à 23:09
It's #NationalSelfieDay and I had to post these two moments, one is a selfie and one is a photo OF a selfie, but they are both so precious to me!! <3
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Publié le 21/06 à 06:12
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Publié le 21/06 à 05:56
Just a quick reminder
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Publié le 21/06 à 04:08
It feels GOOD to be a #BioreAmbassador! These new Bioré Skincare LIMITED EDITION Citrus Crush scented pore strips smell ah-mazing and give me super fresh pores! Plus... they work 3x as effective at removing blackheads as a basic cleanser. #BioreCitrusCrush
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Publié le 20/06 à 16:22
This is exactly how you should feel up on that stage
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Publié le 20/06 à 16:21
The airplane tea bag is adorable
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Publié le 20/06 à 16:18
A windy little Wednesday - should I release more pictures from this shoot? We had the best time in the canyon! ✨
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Publié le 19/06 à 16:25
It’s Tuesday so... #PLL throwback time!
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Publié le 18/06 à 23:45
Going to be adding some bloopers from our Youtube videos each week to my FB page! Any old videos that I should be digging the archives for some bloopers? Comment below which videos and I'll try to find some!
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Publié le 18/06 à 23:38
First installment of YouTube bloopers taken from last weeks makeup product video! Someone *won't name names* got a litttttle aggressive with the wind making hahaha Full Video Here: