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Publié le 17/03 à 18:13
A festive St Patrick’s Day throwback from Shays Kitchen!
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Publié le 16/03 à 22:37
WE HAVE A PREMIERE DATE! I can't wait for you all to meet Peach on Sept. 9th!
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Publié le 16/03 à 22:15
My dear friend Maryam created this AMAZING, ethical apparel brand. Their mission is to build the Arab world's first feminist brand and to spark increased conversations about women’s equality. 10% of profits are given to Project Soar, to help empower the inspiring group of teenage girls she has come to her home each week! Fashion shoot of me in their awesome shirt coming soon! Check it out below <3 Let me know what you think! #AgentGirlPower ❤️
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Publié le 16/03 à 00:40
Ok - if we get the Shaycation India video to 700k views before Monday I'll sign some of these leftover PLL photos I have laying around and mail em out! What do you think...
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Publié le 15/03 à 21:19
Throwback to me and Mr. Ed, hanging in Utah
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Publié le 14/03 à 17:55
I'm back with Royal Caribbean International today taking over their Instagram Stories for their epic NYC event. Follow for a behind the scenes look at your next bucket list item. #ComeSeek #Ad
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Publié le 14/03 à 16:01
Was so sad to leave the REVOLVE fam yesterday but this view upon our exit wasn’t too shabby!
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Publié le 13/03 à 23:52
If I put up a Shaycation playlist from our videos would that interest you guys!?
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Publié le 13/03 à 23:49
I can’t stop looking at this
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Publié le 12/03 à 17:30
If only every Monday morning commute looked like this