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Publié le 23/09 à 19:57
Seeing OTR2 tonight so I’m flipping out and right now I HAVE NO CHILL
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Publié le 23/09 à 00:45
Quick reminder for everyone...
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Publié le 22/09 à 04:31
This account has changed my outlook on life profoundly. And the comments sections constantly restores my faith in humanity.
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Publié le 21/09 à 21:09
WELL...Which twin is your favorite?! Which one is more like YOU!? Let me know below :)
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Publié le 21/09 à 18:59
Well, I took a little trip with my evil twin was interesting
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Publié le 21/09 à 16:46
New #YouTubeShay video currently uploading...stay tuned! Any guesses as to which video it is?!
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Publié le 21/09 à 03:29
Putting up a #YouTubeShay video tomorrow morning that I am SO excited about! I can't wait for you guys to see the awesome location we were in and meet someone who, well, is literally identical to me. Like seriously, its nuts. STAY TUNED!
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Publié le 20/09 à 17:51
Trying to keep calm BUT I CANT!!! Counting the hours...
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Publié le 19/09 à 17:24
Off again...I just can’t seem to stay in one place for more than a few days...and that’s just how I like it
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Publié le 18/09 à 16:04
Birds eye view from yesterday’s shoot!