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Publié le 31/07 à 15:40
Playing with makeup in my very little spare time before I resume my tour! Shak
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Publié le 30/07 à 20:00
I am not the only one lightly dressed - My cameraman in underwear! / No soy la única en ropa ligera! Mi camarógrafo en calzoncillos! Shak
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Publié le 30/07 à 18:08
~ Después de elegir color (azul) y nombre (Moonlight) solamente queda una última decisión para ayudar a Shak a crear su nuevo perfume! Qué estampado les gusta más? Para votar ingresen aquí -> ~ You guys have already made two big decisions for Shak's new fragrance! You chose a colour (blue). You chose a name (Moonlight). Now, finally, we need your help to pick a pattern for the box. Head to to cast your vote! ShakHQ
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Publié le 29/07 à 22:21
El Dorado World Tour is heading to the US, starting August 3rd. You could fly to Las Vegas to see the show and meet Shak backstage, by donating just $10, to be shared by two great causes: Fundación Pies Descalzos and One Drop. This is the final week to enter! ShakHQ
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Publié le 29/07 à 18:25
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Publié le 28/07 à 22:58
Green make up today, at my son’s request! Shak
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Publié le 28/07 à 18:50
5 million views in a day! 5 millones de reproducciones en un día! #Clandestino. ShakHQ
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Publié le 28/07 à 02:12
Shakira & Maluma - Clantestino
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Publié le 27/07 à 21:06
That beach in Sitges felt like an afternoon in the Caribbean! Esta playa en Sitges fue como una tarde en el Caribe! Shak
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Publié le 27/07 à 16:05
~ Have you checked out the stunning new #Clandestino video ft MALUMA? Watch now at ~ Han visto el increíble nuevo video de #Clandestino con Maluma? Lo pueden ver aquí ShakHQ