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Today feels like Saturday
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Every athlete needs a secret weapon, especially for a big comeback. Mine is the power I can only get from Tempur-Pedic sleep. Every time I lie down, I’m powering up for the next Grand Slam. #ThisSleepIsPower #ad #comeback
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What do you do when you are hungry at 8am you want fried rice- but are on a diet.... ?
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I love rainy days
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Publié le 11/03 à 20:46
“S” is for Sunday! Today is the last day to get your “S” pin at Indian Wells Tennis Garden. Booth closes at 5pm! #whatisyourS
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Publié le 07/03 à 20:07
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#Ad Every time I step onto the court, it feels like a homecoming. The Lincoln Motor Company
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It's official. My comeback is here. This Thursday I will start playing tennis again professionally for the first time since giving birth to my daughter. This whole month I am playing tournaments in California and Florida- both my home states. Thursday, the day I play my very first match, marks international women's day. My comeback could not have come on a better day and I decided I wanted to do something different let you all be apart of my long journey back (if you want of course!!) So I created my Serena Gold toned "S" pin. When I am playing you can wear it and show support not only from me but also for my charity which supports the Yetunde Price Resource center. I want this gold "S" mean something special to you personally. What is one S word in your life that means something to you? Mine is Strong and Sure! So when I wear my "S" pin I am representing Strength, and Sureness. What would your "S" mean? They are for now only available for my fans that come see my at Indian wells, and Miami starting Wednesday as well as Thursday when I play!! Sooooo if you are watching me stop by the Serena booth to grab a "S" pin. Post pics of you wearing your "S" and tag me! Thanks for the support I look forward to seeing you out there!!
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‪Never let anyone tell you what you are not. #untilweallwin NikeWomen #Nike‬