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Why do you fight? Meet the ones who sacrifice everything by stepping into the ring and #FeelTheReal Watch Why We Fight now on go90 Sports :
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Proud to be part of this ground-breaking new series. For the most authentic look at the world of fighting, #FeelTheReal with ‘Why We Fight’ on @go90Sports :
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Our launch date is getting closer every day! Here's the latest preview for!!!
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Teaser time!!! Things teased in this video: 1. Content for upcoming, including following along with all my workouts for every purpose (yes every workout has a purpose) 2. What I'm working on for my upcoming Max Effort nutritional line! 3. How awesome Grapecicle Lemonade Post workout tastes Things you do not get from this video: 1. Any actual footage of me working out 2. Any actual experience tasting the post workout grapecicle lemonade 3. Any release from your building anticipation for the launch of and my Max Effort nutritional line To vent your frustrations i recommend retail therapy at while the Black Friday sale is still going on ;)
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My amazing sister and My Fight/Your Fight co-author Maria Burns Ortiz is up to present 7 Generation Games at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Hyderabad, India. Vote for her to make the semifinals!
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I'm at the @Microsoft store in NYC and I can't tell who is more pumped for the launch of the @Xbox One X tonight, the fans or me! #XboxOneX
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You gotta get your hands on #AssassinsCreed Origins and the new Xbox One X! Thank you @Xbox and @RukariAustin for the sneak peek on #XboxLiveSessions
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Check me out on 10/26 as I partner with @Xbox to feel true power and play #AssassinsCreed Origins on Xbox One X #XboxLiveSessions