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Okay I’m not an expert by any means, totally an amateur #chickenpeople - but here are a few tips that have helped with my Chickie Ladies
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Publié le 06/03 à 04:27
Respect your olympians Or we’ll make you respect us See you at Wrestlemania
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Publié le 27/02 à 05:32
1st day on the job... @stephaniemcmahon slaps me... 2nd day on the job... my fellow Olympian @therealkurtangle, an American hero with pneumonia, gets sucker punched by @tripleh ... This is far from over.
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Publié le 26/02 à 21:09
Apparently I have some “explaining to do” - Tune in to #Raw tonight to hear it @wwe
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Publié le 26/02 à 06:50
Finally signed to @WWE ... the night definitely could have gone smoother though....
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Why do you fight? Meet the ones who sacrifice everything by stepping into the ring and #FeelTheReal Watch Why We Fight now on go90 Sports :
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Proud to be part of this ground-breaking new series. For the most authentic look at the world of fighting, #FeelTheReal with ‘Why We Fight’ on @go90Sports :
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Our launch date is getting closer every day! Here's the latest preview for!!!