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Publié le 03/10 à 09:52
‪Excited to share a SNEAK PEEK of my FentyBeauty #CHILLOWT holiday collection with Australia today!! See you at SEPHORA Pitt St in Sydney tonight!
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Publié le 02/10 à 09:00
Thank you Singapore and SEPHORA for your love and support of FentyBeauty !
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Publié le 02/10 à 06:50
Singapore, you were a dream tonight. Thank you!!!! #FBanniversaryTOUR #STUNNAWEEK FentyBeauty SEPHORA
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Publié le 02/10 à 05:45
my fav blue eyed German caught me flexin
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Publié le 02/10 à 04:35
and yes. I gag on my own supply.
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Publié le 02/10 à 03:22
Dubai... we had such a great time with you! A special thank you to SEPHORA Middle East for hosting us here!!! And to all of our guests who came to support my first ever Artistry and Beauty Talk! It was so fun to engage with you in person. Stay tuned for more to come FentyBeauty. Shout out to my Pro Artists @priscillaono and @artbyhector. Love you both so much!
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Publié le 29/09 à 14:10
#STUNNAWEEK ain't over... Meet #UNINVITED!! I had to make sure we have one smooth, rich and black #STUNNA that's perfect for ALL skin tones. it’s available online at FentyBeauty, SEPHORA, Harvey Nichols and #SephoraInJCP. #SHOWUPUNINVITED http://ri-hanna.io/FentyBeauty
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Publié le 26/09 à 13:02
Helloooooo #UNBUTTON, the latest #STUNNA nude shade! I spent a whole year developing the perfect peachy nude
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Publié le 25/09 à 13:25
‪SEPT 29th! I’m coming to Dubai for my 1st ever FentyBeauty ARTISTRY & BEAUTY TALK w/ Priscilla Ono and Hector Espinal! Grab your tix NOW online at SEPHORA Middle East ...this event benefits Dubai Cares [ an organization which works with UN aid agencies and international NGOs to design and fund education programs in developing countries ] http://ri-hanna.io/dubaifb
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Publié le 24/09 à 22:00
ya ready for more nudes?! welcome #UNCUFFED to the #STUNNA lip paint fam, out NOW!! get yours online only at FentyBeauty, SEPHORA, Harvey Nichols, and #SephoraInJCP. http://ri-hanna.io/fentybeauty