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Publié le 17/01 à 23:29
This is my neighborhood today as cleanup continues. The mudslide experience has reminded me of an important lesson:That once a story is out of the headlines the devastation and rebuild continues. I thought I knew that . Now I know it for SURE! #805Strong
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Publié le 14/01 à 16:00
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Publié le 14/01 à 13:13
The whole group on CBS Sunday Morning this morning. #timesup
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Publié le 13/01 à 23:32
This I did Monday night before the mudslides hit. #TimesUp conversation with Reese Witherspoon, Shonda Rhimes, America Ferrera, Tracee Ellis Ross, Natalie Portman, Kathleen Kennedy, and Nina Shaw. Hope you’ll watch tomorrow on CBS Sunday Morning.
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Publié le 13/01 à 19:05
People not the only heroes in our little community. Met some 4 legged ones too. Searches continuing today. #mudslides
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Publié le 13/01 à 09:14
Going to check on my neighbors house. Got a lift. Everyones working together to help. #cleanup #mudslides
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Publié le 13/01 à 09:13
Dinner in half an hr? Can WE @nicolemangrumhair @derrick4 mkup get it done! Swipe left. #kitchenskills
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Publié le 10/01 à 16:49
Thanks everyone for your prayers and concern. My property is fine.Some mud , and minor damage that pales in comparison to what my neighbors are going thru. #mudslides
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Publié le 10/01 à 01:04
What a day! Praying for our community again in Santa Barbara. Woke up to this blazing gas fire. then swipe left to see how deep the mud is in my backyard. Helicopters rescuing my neighbors. Looking for missing persons. 13 lives lost. #Mudslides.
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Publié le 08/01 à 14:12
Stepping out with my HoneyGraham! thanks @versace_official. Great experience working with team #VERSACE