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Keep going lil bro!! Love how you’re taking full advantage of the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, Trezz! “Nobody comes in between The Family” #KillAtWill
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I remember like it was yesterday when I first saw my uncle wearing the original ACG Mowaab when I was a kid. Instantly feel in love! Last night I was able to bring them back to life with the #LeBronWatch.
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I told y’all a while back that my young King was next in line! Getting better and better every night out! Tonight another example of that. Fun to watch and compete against you again and #TheProcess. Remember lil bro settle for nothing less than GREATNESS!!!
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Thank you!! #StriveForGreatness
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It’s just surreal!! Knowing where I come from(the bottom). To accomplish a feat never done before in the league I grew up only dreaming that i could be apart of. WOW!! #striveforgreatness
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That shoe wall