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Attention NBA Draft Class of 2018, your first assignment is to watch tonight's episode of DETAIL. We're going back and breaking down what YOU can take away from studying the defensive brilliance of an all-time great, Scottie Pippen. Watch it now on ESPN+
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The Cleveland Cavaliers Golden State Warriors Finals are a wrap. On this episode of DETAIL on ESPN+, we look at how Kevin Durant can build on his back-to-back championships and come back even stronger next season.
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On tonight's episode of DETAIL... We're breaking down @Kevin Love's defensive looks in the Cleveland Cavaliers Golden State Warriors series. Catch it on the ESPN+ app before tomorrow's Game 2 of the NBA Finals.
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It's time for the NBA Finals and the next episode of DETAIL is up on the ESPN+ app. This time, we're looking at how LeBron James and Kevin Durant should attack the series.
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"The Mamba Mentality: How I Play" book comes out October 23, 2018! Learn how I approached the process and the craft, accompanied by 20 yrs of photos from the incomparable Andrew D. Bernstein Associates Photography, Inc. Intros by Pau Gasol & Phil Jackson
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