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Publié le 18/03 à 02:53
The definition of this picture is “Comedic RockStar Shit”....I love my FANS!!!! #DopePic #IrresponsibleTour
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Publié le 18/03 à 00:10
Backstage Vibes in Bridgeport CT.... #LilSwag #ComedicRockStarShit #DopePic #IrresponsibleTour #MakingTheWorldLaugh
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Publié le 17/03 à 23:29
I'm out here killing people with laughter damn it
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Publié le 17/03 à 15:45
Message to my philly brother @willsmith ....Im so glad that you speak Spanish man...I thought I was the only one
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Publié le 17/03 à 14:51
I know I'm late but I just got the picture....Happy 40TH B Day to my Day 1 ride or die brother @naimlynn ....You have been here with me every step of the way man. So happy & proud of you & the man that you have become. It's a Honor to call you a friend & a bigger honor to call you my brother....Love u pimp!!!! Happy 40TH....P.S we have to start telling Harry to make better faces in these photos....It's starting to get really bad
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Publié le 17/03 à 13:10
Just in case y'all forgot....My EAGLES won the Superbowl damn it! P.S I went out and bought me a trophy since I couldn't get to the real thing.
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Publié le 17/03 à 12:55
Thank you Wilkes-Barre PA....Last night was special. #ComedicRockStarShit #LiveLoveLaugh #MakingTheWorldLaugh #IrresponsibleTour
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Publié le 17/03 à 05:14
Caption this
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Publié le 17/03 à 02:21
#Lilswag #ComedicRockStarShit #IrresponsibleTour
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Publié le 16/03 à 17:02
My guy James Corden is CRUSHING it...literally! Catch him on my new show What The Fit right now dammit!