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Publié le 30/01 à 18:57
Super Bowl Goals. #SBLII
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Publié le 29/01 à 22:17
Behind: Say Something
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Publié le 29/01 à 18:27
LET’S GO! #Superbowl #SBLII
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Publié le 28/01 à 23:03
"In this industry, for the things we uphold and we love and we treasure and we respect, we have to get involved. I stand up here on the shoulders of all the beautiful people who inspired me. So like all of the people that came before us, it is our duty to make sure that not only are we making the greatest art, we uphold and support each other and the things that are super real.” -JAY-Z. So inspired by Jay’s words from last night’s pre-Grammy party (Congrats Hov!) and it just reminded me of times like this. I wish I could be there to support all of the artists on what will undoubtedly be a special night tonight. Sending love to the nominees and performers and everyone there! #Grammys
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Publié le 28/01 à 01:36
#SaySomething acoustic version. Anyone else have a version? I want to hear it!
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Publié le 27/01 à 18:14
It’s always a pleasure when we get to play tunes together, my friend Chris Stapleton. http://tmbr.lk/jSAYSOMETHING
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Publié le 26/01 à 23:31
#Superbowl rehearsals are going well... Jumpman23 #SBLII
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Publié le 26/01 à 18:48
Man that was fun! We did it. #SaySomething : http://tmbr.lk/jSAYSOMETHINGv Chris Stapleton The Tennessee Kids La Blogothèque Art Perez
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Publié le 25/01 à 19:20
Say Something. 3 of 4. feat. feat. Chris Stapleton http://tmbr.lk/jSAYSOMETHING
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Publié le 25/01 à 17:03
Here we go! "Say Something" feat. Chris Stapleton.