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Publié le 31/01 à 18:25
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Let’s get this party started! #DreamWorksTrolls now available on Digital HD: http://gwi.io/h1zais Blu-ray/DVD coming Feb. 7th. Trolls
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Publié le 26/01 à 17:10
Yes, we went there... #SB51 Bai
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Publié le 24/01 à 19:30
SPEECHLESS. WOWOWOW!!!!!!! Thank you SO MUCH The Academy for this nomination for #CantStopTheFeeling‼ Congrats to ALL the nominees!!
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Publié le 21/01 à 16:37
Branch’s face says it all … Happy #NationalHuggingDay! Trolls #TrollsHugDay
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Publié le 19/01 à 20:34
Last night at the People's Choice Awards.
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Thank you to EVERYONE that voted for Favorite Song and Favorite Male Artist. I'm truly honored to have fans that have grown up with me and fans that make me feel young every day! I share these with YOU! #PCAs People's Choice Awards
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Publié le 17/01 à 20:00
Tune into the People's Choice Awards tomorrow night at 6PM PT on CBS to catch JT and the categories he's nominated for: #FavoriteMaleArtist, #FavoritePopArtist, and #FavoriteSong!
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Publié le 14/01 à 18:13
Catch The Book of Love out in select theaters. Also available to stream now: http://vupulse.com/c/1288 #BookOfLoveFilm
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Publié le 13/01 à 19:31
Enjoyed working with such talented people to create original music for the #BookOfLoveFilm. Excited for you guys to check it out! Available to stream now: http://vupulse.com/c/1288