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Publié le 08/12 à 03:16
My heart goes out to all those affected and evacuated by all the fires in Southern California, as many continue to burn. Please stay safe everyone!
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Publié le 07/12 à 01:00
Honored to be the dude today, who spoke to and about so many strong women. The Hollywood Reporter. #THRwomen
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Publié le 05/12 à 21:54
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Publié le 02/12 à 18:33
Wonder Wheel is out now in LA and NY folks! Everywhere Dec 15. Tickets: http://bit.ly/WWJTTix
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Publié le 02/12 à 00:00
#FBF to Tennessee times with Chris Stapleton Pilgrimage Music Festival. Chris- the new album is TOO GOOD. Can be served with or without whiskey. http://strm.to/FromARoom2
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Publié le 30/11 à 18:51
Good times The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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Publié le 30/11 à 01:56
Enjoyed our night under the stars.... The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. More tonight folks.
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Publié le 25/11 à 20:00
I’m partnering this year with American Express to support #SmallBizSat. One of the things that makes America so great are its small stores and businesses. So support your local stores when you shop this holiday folks!
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Publié le 25/11 à 18:02
Shaking off those leftovers like... Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!
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Publié le 24/11 à 17:51
Post-Turkey day plans....?