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Publié le 11/07 à 17:52
Here is the UNCUT prison escape. Here are the bits that were left on the floor and didn't quite make it into the movie. Filming this sequence and working across from the big man himself was the best part of making Fast 8. These things exist on the talent of the stunt team and how committed they are to make these things great. JJ Perry gets to direct the chaos and shout at everybody in his one and only way. Respect JJ and the stunt team and a massive respect to the powerhouse and one man army The Rock.
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Publié le 27/06 à 00:25
Here is the UNCUT version of the "Baby Fight” We got to put back some of the guts and to deliver it to you as an uncut sequence. I have to thank JJ Perry, 2nd Unit director and his rock solid stunt team for the laughs and torn tendons makings this piece. Making these things gets harder each time pal, especially when your trying to do something new. Chris Morgan the writer, for the collaboration, endless cool ideas and funny lines. And a massive thanks to all at Universal for letting this see the light of day. Not to forget Carlos, the little man himself!
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Massive respect and appreciation for what Goldie has done on his long awaited new album. The Journey Man Out June 16
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Esquire Porsche GT 3RS
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F8. Out today.