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Publié le 24/05 à 10:35
I knew from the moment I read Peter's article about Lisa Howard's riveting story I had to tell this story! Jaron and I are so excited to partner with Sue on bringing this story to the big screen. Just the beginning..
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Publié le 22/05 à 16:07
If you look in my eyes long enough I might blink.
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Publié le 16/05 à 14:50
Congrats to the amazing Patty Jenkins for receiving the 2018 Women in Motion award! It takes power to own your point of view, and no one is better to lead the way than Patty, an incredible woman and artist. Excited about where we’re headed next together. #WomenOfWonder #WomeninMotion
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Publié le 14/05 à 20:00
Some good ole denim beats an evening gown any day
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Publié le 13/05 à 15:38
Sometimes all you need is your Mama
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Publié le 13/05 à 10:34
Happy Mother's Day Ima! I love you sooo sooooo sooooo much. You've always been there for me, always loving me. Thank you for all that you do for me and our family. ❤️
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Publié le 11/05 à 11:37
#fbf to a great day I had with Paola Kaduacki & Elle Magazine. It's my 'almost the weekend' mood.
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Publié le 09/05 à 20:01
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Publié le 07/05 à 17:30
Blue sky and green views, this Monday is looking up! #huaweimate10pro #huaweiambassador
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Publié le 07/05 à 13:26