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Publié le 30/06 à 13:34
James Franco & Bryan Cranston go Berzerk in the new trailer for #WhyHim
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Publié le 09/06 à 15:56
Excited to link up with Detroit's StockX! Read more about the partnership and how to win a pair of Carhartt/Jordan 4's here: http://bit.ly/EminemStockX
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Publié le 27/05 à 16:48
"The first half of the verse was GONE. I re-recorded it but you should have heard the original take that shit was WAY better…oh well!" Just added more annotations for #MMLP to Genius... see them all here: genius.com/eminem
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Publié le 23/05 à 20:48
Today is the #MMLP 16th anniversary! In 2013 we revisited my childhood home for the sequel and later had the opportunity to put together some once in a lifetime collectables created from the remains of what has become a very iconic symbol for me and my career. Do not miss out - available now here: http://bit.ly/em-MMLP
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Publié le 20/05 à 20:49
Outtakes from 19946 Dresden.. #MMLP shady.sr/MMLPReissue On November 20th, 2013 the State of Michigan ordered the demolition of the childhood home of Marshall B. Mathers due to structural safety issues. By reacting quickly, we were able to secure materials from the razed property… Stay tuned for more: shady.sr/MMLPReissue
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Publié le 19/05 à 21:10
19946 Dresden.. Stay tuned.. #MMLP shady.sr/MMLPReissue
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Publié le 18/05 à 18:02
Went on Genius and dropped some more annotations! More coming soon.. Check them on the site: http://shady.sr/Genius
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Publié le 08/05 à 15:45
We teamed up with Unfortunate Portrait to illustrate this Mom's Spaghetti T-shirt. Show mom you care! http://shady.sr/MomsSpaghetti
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Publié le 08/04 à 20:22
We’re getting this season off to a good start Detroit Tigers! Get in on our home opener tradition with Majestic Athletic right here: http://shady.sr/Tigers2016
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Publié le 06/04 à 22:14
Getting ready for the Detroit Tigers Home Opener with this custom made jersey.. http://shady.sr/EmxTigers2016