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Publié le 08/03 à 18:19
The world is full of impressive women. I’m honored to have talked to so many of them on my show. #InternationalWomensDay ellen.tv/2oU0kDK
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Publié le 07/03 à 22:53
Season 2 of #GameOfGames is coming, and you could be dropped, flung, spun, splashed, flipped, and even win $100K! Enter right here. ellen.tv/2r22dBQ
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Publié le 07/03 à 21:20
Demi Lovato looks and feels amazing. All by her selfie.
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Publié le 07/03 à 20:22
Jeannie’s had so many First-Evers on my show. Now she’s so excited to be doing a show with Ford Motor Company, where she’ll help people experience their own #FirstEver.
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Publié le 07/03 à 18:50
Amy knows how to rock the Cardi Beat.
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Publié le 07/03 à 00:55
Holy cow. My Bachelor Recap show is LIVE right now on Facebook. If you want somebody to watch the finale with, you just got two of the best.
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Publié le 06/03 à 20:06
Reading at a K9 level.
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Publié le 06/03 à 19:01
Chrissy Teigen has some interesting name ideas for her baby.
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Publié le 05/03 à 23:38
Claire Ryann Crosby interviews the four coaches of The Voice for the most adorable interview ever.
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Publié le 05/03 à 22:43
Happy belated birthday, Young Dylan! Or as I call you now, Old Young Dylan.