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Publié le 21/03 à 21:11
I can’t wait for you to see #SplittingUpTogether. The stars, Jenna Fischer and Oliver Hudson, are here today!
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Publié le 21/03 à 20:25
Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon playing "Speak Out" is more than I can handle.
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Publié le 21/03 à 19:58
I love watching Jeannie surprise amazing people. This episode of Life’s First-Evers is incredible. #FirstEver
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Publié le 21/03 à 18:58
Do you have a big event, and you need to learn a dance for it? How’d ya like a dance lesson from Stephen tWitch Boss? ellen.tv/2FUzbuM
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Publié le 21/03 à 17:50
I cannot believe this third grade class from Indio, California donated $100 to the Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund. Thank you Mrs. Chico and her entire class. I ❤️ you.
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Publié le 21/03 à 17:13
This behind-the-scenes story from Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon’s new movie made me love both of them more than I already did.
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Publié le 20/03 à 23:16
#SplittingUpTogether premieres in one week! I haven’t been this excited to watch a couple break up on national television since the finale of "The Bachelor."
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Publié le 20/03 à 19:21
Kalen Reacts was my guest DJ, and I gave him a Christian Cowan suit.
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Publié le 20/03 à 18:15
I played tag with the cast of TAG! Here are their tags. Jeremy Renner Ed Helms Hannibal Buress Jake Johnson Jon Hamm
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Publié le 20/03 à 17:26
Canadian Gold medalists Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are here. Are they a couple? Are they not? I asked. I asked twice. Okay, I asked three times.