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Publié le 30/01 à 19:07
When Mario Lopez plays Last Dance, we all win.
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Publié le 27/01 à 21:22
You know what I always say, gaydar and good looks go a long way. You’re gonna love this couple just as much as I do.
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Publié le 27/01 à 19:48
Sammy the 2-year-old bottle flipper loved the gift I sent her. If there's one thing I know about 2-year-olds, it’s that you need to give ‘em lots of sugar.
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Publié le 27/01 à 19:09
Beth Behrs and I both have strong opinions about current events, and we debated them. Of course, I’m talking about #TheBachelor.
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Publié le 27/01 à 18:09
You have not lived until you’ve seen Andy Lassner play goalie for the LA Kings. #AverageAndy
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Publié le 26/01 à 22:47
#Scandal is back! #TGIT
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Publié le 26/01 à 21:52
Thank you Stephen tWitch Boss and the 24 Seven Dance Convention crew for this wonderful birthday gift.
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Publié le 26/01 à 21:18
Just for my birthday, here’s 20% off in the ellen shop! Nothing says it’s your birthday better than your underwear being 1/5th off. ellenshop.com
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Publié le 26/01 à 20:49
They say it’s better to give than to receive, so today I gave my audience gifts! They also say don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, so I didn’t give them horses.
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Publié le 26/01 à 20:11
I asked Tig Notaro to do standup on my show for my birthday. That was a good decision.