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Publié le 12/04 à 20:39
If you love my app Heads Up, you can vote for it to win a #Webby! Do it now! Webby, set, go!
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Publié le 12/04 à 20:09
These five viewers did something really special for me, so I did something special for them.
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Publié le 12/04 à 19:05
Diana Aquino filled me with so much love and joy.
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Publié le 12/04 à 18:36
DJ Pauly D looking D-lightful. ellen.tv/2qtKh0f
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Publié le 12/04 à 17:42
My young yodeling friend Mason Ramsey has more than 35 million views. Today, I remembered where he must’ve gotten the idea. #TBT
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Publié le 12/04 à 16:40
I don’t know why Andy Cohen keeps trying to impersonate Andy Cohen.
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Publié le 11/04 à 23:36
I have no idea what happened to Anna Faris in this preschool interview, but I’m very glad she told me about it.
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Publié le 11/04 à 23:11
Chrissy Teigen didn’t know jack about her husband John Legend when she was here. See if John knows her any better.
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Publié le 11/04 à 20:48
Someone’s gonna win a trip to my bubly Skybox. Why shouldn’t it be you?
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ellentube is nominated for a #Webby! Go vote for it! If you haven’t checked it out lately, go see what all the fuss is about. ellentube.com