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Publié le 11/02 à 19:57
This surprise made me feel so good. My heart is full of love for these two.
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Publié le 11/02 à 18:17
Happy birthday, Jennifer Aniston. You know I love you. But here’s a montage just to prove it.
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Publié le 10/02 à 23:07
Melissa Rycroft from #TheBachelor made Andy drink for every piece of trivia that Tracy didn't know.
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Publié le 10/02 à 22:24
Nothing makes me happier than showing up at someone’s house and making them really happy.
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Publié le 10/02 à 21:25
The Disney Parks deck in Heads Up App is so much fun. I'm playing it the next time I'm in line at Space Mountain. App Store: http://ellen.tv/16tZChUp Google Play Store: http://ellen.tv/16CzTyXp
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Publié le 10/02 à 19:57
I want a set of Russian nesting cats. ellen.tv/2lt4nGY
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Publié le 10/02 à 19:07
Brielle taught Elmo about one of my favorite subjects... love.
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Publié le 10/02 à 18:20
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill got very personal about their relationship in this round of Never Have I Ever.
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Publié le 10/02 à 17:56
Gigi Hadid is a supermodel, designer, and lover of Zayn Malik. We have so much in common.
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Publié le 09/02 à 22:08
These two women are incredible. They’ve changed the lives of their students, and impacted a whole community for the better. Thanks, Walmart.