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Publié le 26/04 à 16:33
Ever wonder what it would be like if Kelly Clarkson had a talk show? Please enjoy the first episode of The Kelly Show.
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Publié le 25/04 à 21:55
Wanna do something to make yourself feel good, and help amazing animals? Then get this gorilla! All proceeds go to the Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund. ellen.tv/2piMQkw
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Publié le 25/04 à 21:14
Charlize Theron told me about the important role potato chips played in her life.
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Publié le 25/04 à 20:52
I’m so glad Facebook is taking steps to fix this.
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Publié le 25/04 à 20:20
If you love #BlackPanther and "The Walking Dead," then you’ll be glad Danai Gurira is here today!
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Publié le 25/04 à 19:37
I’ve never had so much fun doing the dishes.
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Publié le 25/04 à 18:59
Hold on to your belt buckles, this new game is about to knock you into next Tuesday!
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Publié le 25/04 à 18:15
I sent young Britton to the red carpet for of "Avengers: #InfinityWar." If he were a superhero, his power would be being adorable.
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Publié le 25/04 à 17:28
Hey, Elon Musk, when you get your new couch, maybe you can send a new Tesla to the gorillas. Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund
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Publié le 24/04 à 20:26
I think I just broke up Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost.