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Publié le 02/11 à 21:59
The kids from #StrangerThings did some even stranger things in this round of Heads Up! #EllenShowMeMore
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Publié le 02/11 à 19:48
Kerry Washington had a huge surprise for this audience member.
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Publié le 02/11 à 19:07
In honor of JetBlue’s Check In for Good, I thought I’d check in on some amazing people. ellen.tv/2zeV6IT
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Publié le 02/11 à 18:13
I played a mega new game with a mega prize. Nobody was expecting this. I need you to meet my new friend, Imani.
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Publié le 02/11 à 17:40
Andy Lassner took Jeannie to a haunted house, and led her out in a headlock. #EllenShowMeMore
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Publié le 02/11 à 17:12
This is one of the most inspiring families I’ve ever met, so I had to go really big on surprises.
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Publié le 01/11 à 22:39
I have a new Cheerios deck in Heads Up where you can surprise people with good news! Someone in my audience found out firsthand.
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Publié le 01/11 à 21:51
Some critics say it’s “confusing,” others say, “Is this a real movie?”
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Publié le 01/11 à 20:10
Nobody captions a photo like Ricky Gervais.
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Publié le 01/11 à 19:00
I love this commercial from P&G. I hope the whole world watches it. #LoveOverBias