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Publié le 06/04 à 18:36
Just shooting some hoops with the star of the NCAA season Arike Ogunbowale, Kobe Bryant and Ice Cube. No big deal.
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Publié le 06/04 à 17:57
You might remember Darci Lynne from the first season of #LittleBigShots and winning #AGT. Now she’s back on #LittleBigShots this Sunday!
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Publié le 06/04 à 17:11
Arike Ogunbowale had the world cheering for her in her incredible NCAA performance. Even Kobe Bryant wanted to congratulate her. In person.
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Publié le 05/04 à 20:43
Kristen Bell and I make incredible pandas.
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Publié le 05/04 à 18:43
Sometimes I open my mouth and the wrong words come out.
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Publié le 05/04 à 17:20
Kristen Bell told me everything she could about "Frozen 2."
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Publié le 04/04 à 23:30
Kacey Musgraves rode in on her high horse today.
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Publié le 04/04 à 22:11
I’ve had a lot of fun pranking people over the years. Some might say too much fun. Others might say, "You’re banned from Fuddruckers.” But we’ve had a great time.
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Publié le 04/04 à 20:23
If you can make someone smile more, you could come to my show to sit in the bubly Skybox!
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Publié le 04/04 à 19:54
These best friends are doing something unbelievable together, so I had to help them accomplish a big #FirstEver.