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Publié le 03/02 à 19:11
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Publié le 02/02 à 22:59
Here’s a brand new episode of my favorite new show, #Momsplaining! Kristen Bell AND Katie Lowes are about to make you
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Publié le 02/02 à 22:26
It’s my birthday show, so I can do whatever I want... like make things 20% off in The Ellen Shop. ellen.tv/2wsriDk
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Publié le 02/02 à 21:59
This has been the best birthday ever.
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Publié le 02/02 à 20:52
Everybody wants to know about a "Friends" reunion... so I asked Jennifer Aniston.
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Publié le 02/02 à 19:39
I got not one, but TWO big surprises today. Just what I wanted for my birthday. A lot of Hart and a lot of magic.
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Publié le 02/02 à 18:58
Today I gave my audience the biggest giveaway I’ve ever done. Ever. Thanks for the birthday present, Cheerios.
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Publié le 01/02 à 22:48
Guess who else made a surprise appearance for my birthday today?
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Publié le 01/02 à 21:24
I played a new game where I had to remember if we “show did or show didn’t” do things on my show. Jimmy Kimmel, you’re my hero.
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Publié le 01/02 à 20:17
Everyone in my audience today has helped us reach #OneMillionActsofGood. And it wouldn’t be my 60th birthday show without my favorite Colombian. Sofia Vergara