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Publié le 22/11 à 22:35
Leaf and let leaf. ellen.tv/2hVCLdD
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Publié le 22/11 à 21:45
I’ve got a brand new deck in Heads Up where you have to act things out with your whole family. No need to thank me. Just send me the video. ellen.tv/HeadsUp
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Publié le 22/11 à 21:02
Andy Zenor hit the red carpet of the #AMAs with the biggest stars and a lot of drinking.
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Publié le 22/11 à 20:19
Corey does all of my scares in the box, and today he earned the Employee of the Month.
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Publié le 22/11 à 19:44
Liza Koshy was in my studio to answer my Burning Questions, and she was on fire. #EllenShowMeMore
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Publié le 22/11 à 19:12
Talking to Beth Behrs always, always, always makes me happy.
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Publié le 22/11 à 18:24
If there’s anything better than Channing Tatum surprising you on your show, I don’t know what it is.
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Publié le 22/11 à 17:51
It’s the 3rd Day of my #12Days ofGiveaways, and you could win everything I gave my audience right here! ellen.tv/2zg72Hd
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Publié le 21/11 à 23:10
Barbra Streisand was in my studio for the very first time. We made some wonderful mem’ries.
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Publié le 21/11 à 22:06
You know I’m in a K-Pop band, right? BTS will be here Monday! #BTSxEllen