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Publié le 25/05 à 18:48
I played "What’s in My Honeypot?" with Ewan McGregor. You heard me.
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Publié le 25/05 à 18:03
Stephen tWitch Boss helping this sweet guy propose is absolutely going to make your whole weekend. #tWitchplease
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Publié le 25/05 à 17:04
Raise your hand if you have real love for #FakeLove. BTS #BTSxEllen
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Publié le 25/05 à 16:30
I scared the S out of BTS. BTS #BTSxEllen
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Publié le 25/05 à 14:59
Winnie the Pooh is back! Check out the exclusive Disney's Christopher Robin trailer debut right here. It’s in theaters August 3rd. I cannot wait to see this movie.
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Publié le 25/05 à 00:37
Happy 5th birthday, Heads Up! Check out all the exciting new content in our birthday update! ellen.tv/16tZChUp
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Publié le 24/05 à 20:44
#RedNoseDay is tonight on NBC. Don’t just donate because Stephen tWitch Boss is so adorable. Do it for the kids. But also because tWitch is so adorable. rednoseday.org
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Publié le 24/05 à 20:13
Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman are here with some lumber.
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Publié le 24/05 à 19:37
Now I know exactly what I’m getting Tig Notaro’s twins for their birthday. Garbage.
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Publié le 24/05 à 18:48
Sterling K. Brown told me the beautiful reason why he changed his name.