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Publié le 27/06 à 17:28
#LittleBigShots is on tomorrow night! Get ready for some major talent from some minor performers.
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Publié le 26/06 à 21:43
Get a head start on your 4th of July gear in The Ellen Shop! Promo code: ellenjuly20
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Publié le 26/06 à 20:44
This is my producer Alissa’s dog, Fanny, named after Fanny Brice. This felt appropriate for #Pride Week.
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Publié le 26/06 à 19:35
Throwback to the first time Elton John was on my show. #PrideWeek
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Publié le 26/06 à 19:03
Who do we think will take home the final rose? Who will drink too much rosé? Find out on this week’s Bachelorette Recap!
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Publié le 26/06 à 18:09
RuPaul brought the extravaganza eleganza to my show. #PrideWeek
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Publié le 26/06 à 17:33
Sofie Fatu is about to knock your socks off.
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Publié le 25/06 à 20:04
This week, you can pay forward the adoption fee for a dog or a cat in need. Seems like a great thing to do for $25. bit.ly/BFASPayItForward
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Publié le 25/06 à 18:32
Dave Crosby and Claire Ryann Crosby are about to take you, wonder by wonder.
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Publié le 25/06 à 17:43
This week on ellentube is #Pride Week! We’ve come so far. We’ve helped so many. We’re ready to fight for what comes next. There’s a lot to be proud of.