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Publié le 09/04 à 18:37
This couple is about to make your Monday. Introducing the first LGBT Navy Spouse of the Year.
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Publié le 09/04 à 17:32
I convinced Alex Rodriguez to FaceTime Jennifer Lopez during my show. That was a really good idea.
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Publié le 09/04 à 01:28
These three math wizards are unbelievable. Okay, I just recounted, and there’re only two of them. #LittleBigShots
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Publié le 08/04 à 16:51
Don’t miss Little Big Shots tonight! It can’t be beat.
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Publié le 07/04 à 16:21
If Kristen Bell didn’t show me these baby products, I wouldn’t believe they were real. Check out Momsplaining with Kristen Bell, Episode 5!
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Publié le 06/04 à 21:15
I talked with the hilarious Aubrey Plaza, and had a special dedication for her in my studio.
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Publié le 06/04 à 20:21
He’s been in some amazing circumstances, and he always comes up Average. I love you, Andy.
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Publié le 06/04 à 19:37
My stage has never been cleaner.
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Publié le 06/04 à 18:36
Just shooting some hoops with the star of the NCAA season Arike Ogunbowale, Kobe Bryant and Ice Cube. No big deal.
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Publié le 06/04 à 17:57
You might remember Darci Lynne from the first season of #LittleBigShots and winning #AGT. Now she’s back on #LittleBigShots this Sunday!