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Publié le 15/05 à 19:03
I always wanted to be a member of U2. Now my entire audience and I can say we are.
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Publié le 15/05 à 17:52
I asked Diane Keaton the 3 places she’d like to touch a man. Each answer is better than the last.
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Publié le 15/05 à 17:18
Bono and The Edge told me about starting U2 in high school. I can’t imagine anything more special than having them here for the first time.
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Publié le 14/05 à 20:08
I made this guy in my audience try out some animal courting rituals. I’m not sure it worked.
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Publié le 14/05 à 19:25
Sarah Paulson is writing songs for Rihanna.
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Publié le 14/05 à 18:40
Diana learned English watching my show. I’m glad she learned words like “thanks” and “car.”
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Publié le 14/05 à 17:24
To scare Sarah Paulson again, I had to think outside the box... and think inside the podium.
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Publié le 14/05 à 15:00
Brian McKenna brought love and joy to the world while personally enduring the most difficult circumstances. I’ll never forget him.
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Publié le 13/05 à 16:42
These military moms did not see these surprise messages coming. #MothersDay
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Publié le 13/05 à 16:04
Being a mom isn’t easy. Take it from my friend, B-Dude. Happy #MothersDay, everyone!