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Publié le 22/11 à 17:19
On the second day of #12Days, Ellen gave to me, a lot of wonderful things for my kitchen!
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Publié le 21/11 à 23:42
Is there a more adorable pair than Kellie Pickler and Tyler Oakley?
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Publié le 21/11 à 22:59
They uploaded a video to ellentube, and now they're gonna be sitting in my Skybox for #12Days. I love this.
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Publié le 21/11 à 22:01
I challenged Emma Stone to a dance-off.
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Publié le 21/11 à 20:51
I’m dreaming of a White Christmas. ellen.tv/2gbCfoL
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Publié le 21/11 à 20:21
What do Snoop Dogg, Miley Cyrus and Martha Stewart have in common? Find out in this round of The Game of THINGS!
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Publié le 21/11 à 19:39
I learned a lot about Emma Stone, or as I call her now, Sweaty Stone.
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Publié le 21/11 à 19:07
If you’ve always wanted to see Andy jump off an Olympic diving platform with Tom Daley, today’s your day. #AverageAndy
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Publié le 21/11 à 18:28
Here it is! My special link just for my Facebook followers to win all of today’s giveaways! ellen.tv/2geO0sj
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Publié le 21/11 à 17:54
You don’t have to be in the studio to win. That’s why I set up 12 ways for you to win right from where you’re sitting.