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Publié le 02/02 à 20:05
Thank you to all the wonderful kittens and everyone who showed up at Georgia Tech! Technically speaking, you looked incredible. #KittenBowl
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Publié le 02/02 à 19:30
Drew Barrymore and I are two pretty princesses.
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Publié le 02/02 à 18:43
This little girl and her dad have definitely got a friend in me. Check out when I got to talk to them, right here. ellen.tv/2kx8gcM
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Publié le 01/02 à 22:41
Kathy from my audience is a gift to the world. Especially when she’s saying lyrics to unsuspecting shoppers.
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Publié le 01/02 à 22:18
I asked Corinne from #TheBachelor Who'd She Rather. Nick or Drake. I swear she almost said Drake, then this happened.
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Publié le 01/02 à 21:37
Best friends come in all shapes and sizes. ellen.tv/2kXev6M
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Publié le 01/02 à 21:07
Everyone has a lot to say about Corinne from #TheBachelor. Today I got to talk to an inside source – Corinne from The Bachelor.
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Publié le 01/02 à 20:34
Wanda Sykes makes me laugh.
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Publié le 01/02 à 19:58
Kim is lucky to be alive. She and her rescuer are here today. I couldn’t believe their story when I heard it.
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Publié le 01/02 à 18:31
My line of pet toys launches today at PetSmart! They’re perfect for dogs, cats, and people who really loved "50 Shades of Grey." ED Ellen DeGeneres ellen.tv/2jwEZPZ