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Publié le 13/03 à 21:22
Giving every senior at Summit Academy a college scholarship was one of the greatest things I've ever gotten to do. And I'm not done with them yet.
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Publié le 13/03 à 20:44
Here’s the exclusive first look at my new show, "First Dates." It premieres April 7th! We’ve all had a first date, but few of us have had it narrated by Drew Barrymore.
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Publié le 13/03 à 19:58
Have you always wanted to play a game on my show? This could be your big chance. ellen.tv/GameofGames
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Publié le 13/03 à 19:35
Noah Cyrus has clearly picked up a thing or two from her big sister Miley Cyrus.
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Publié le 13/03 à 18:15
My, what a guy, that Gaston! Gaston aka Luke Evans is here today.
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Publié le 13/03 à 16:44
For the record, in Andy's version, Gaston is definitely gay.
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Publié le 12/03 à 01:52
Thank you to all the kids who chose me! #KCAs
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Publié le 11/03 à 21:00
This week on the #Bachelor Recap show, it’s the Fergie twins!
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Publié le 11/03 à 19:00
I don’t know how you find out you’re good at something like this, but I’m sure glad these four did. Don’t miss Little Big Shots, tomorrow!
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Publié le 10/03 à 22:41
The moment you open your camera and you didn’t realize it was facing you. ellen.tv/2lM4zlq