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Publié le 16/03 à 23:01
This is who we need to save. Who’s with me? #WeNeedGorillas ellen.tv/2thmzIq
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Publié le 16/03 à 22:23
What do you get when you mix RuPaul's Lip Sync for Your Life and my You Bet Your Wife? This game right here.
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Publié le 16/03 à 21:32
Jennifer Garner tries to explain what happened at the Oscars.
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Publié le 16/03 à 20:36
We can save gorillas together. ellen.tv/2piMQkw
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Publié le 16/03 à 19:09
This little girl is adorable at a professional level. Sophie Fatu #LittleBigShots
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Publié le 16/03 à 18:40
If you’re a millennial feeling stressed out about life, this monologue is for you.
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Publié le 16/03 à 18:07
If you’ve ever had a dream about feeding random foods to a blindfolded Jennifer Garner (and who hasn’t?), then this is for you.
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Publié le 16/03 à 17:13
Sophie is the cutest Little Big Shot you’ll ever see. You will not believe this little girl.
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Publié le 16/03 à 01:13
I know there’s so much going on in the world right now. Everyone has a lot on their plate. Every donation I see to the Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund fills me with the deepest gratitude. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
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Publié le 15/03 à 21:59
Kendall Jenner told me about her lip tattoo, and you can watch it right meow.