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You retweeted and reposted and hashtagged, and I am so grateful. Together we’re making a huge difference for elephants. #BeKindToElephants
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Publié le 30/11 à 19:55
I went live to New Jersey to meet some very devoted fans.
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You’ve got Burning Questions for Liam Payne, and today he’s got some hot answers. #EllenShowMeMore
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Molly Bloom is the inspiration for Molly's Game, and has led one of the most fascinating lives I’ve ever heard about. I had to meet her.
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Get ready for more giveaways! Wanna win today’s gifts? Enter here: ellen.tv/2zSaPPw
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I set up a gift wrapping station in the mall, and pranked this poor holiday shopper over and over again.
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Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet are adorable and talented and incredible in their new movie. Watch this and then go see Call Me By Your Name.
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This video is adorable. #OneMillionActsOfGood Rachel Ryle
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Publié le 29/11 à 19:13
Bryan Cranston has some important words for you about loading a dishwasher.
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Check out what my audience won, and then win it for yourself here! ellen.tv/2Bn1H1J