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Publié le 14/11 à 23:12
It’s a g’day. Way to go Australia. #MarriageEquality
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Publié le 14/11 à 22:53
The contest to win a trip to my GEICO Skybox is still wide open, just make me a video of why you should be there, and make it great. ellentube.com/geico
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Publié le 14/11 à 22:04
I learned a lot about Colin Farrell during a game of Burning Questions. Specifically, that he doesn’t know how to play Burning Questions. #EllenShowMeMore
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Publié le 14/11 à 21:34
I saw Esera Tuaolo on The Voice, and I was blown away. So I brought him here to blow you away.
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Publié le 14/11 à 20:18
This year there are gonna be so many ways for you to win my #12Days of Giveaways from home. Make sure you’re ready for all of ‘em right here!
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Publié le 14/11 à 19:23
I love this new segment "Ask Dr. Dax," with my friend Dax Shepard. It’s the only love advice you’ll need. #AskDax #EllenShowMeMore
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Publié le 14/11 à 18:36
Colin Farrell is sexy and talented... one of my favorite combinations.
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Publié le 14/11 à 17:33
The video of the Watson Family honoring their stepdad will melt your heart.
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Publié le 13/11 à 22:35
The holidays are almost here, and I’m looking for the world’s greatest gift wrapper! If you know who it is, send them here.
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Publié le 13/11 à 22:06
Happy birthday, Kai! I’d catch a grenade for you.