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Publié le 01/03 à 22:38
He’s got a full head of hair and a bright future as the lead singer of a band.
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Publié le 01/03 à 21:37
I've dreamed of having my own furniture line for a long time, and I couldn't be more proud of what we're presenting today.
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Publié le 01/03 à 20:48
If my talk show doesn’t work out, I think I could get a job as Scott Foley’s agent. Call me, “This Old House.”
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Publié le 01/03 à 20:14
Tavaris is a little boy of few words and many dance moves.
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Publié le 01/03 à 19:14
Happy birthday, Justin Bieber! I got you this montage of my favorite moments of us.
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Publié le 01/03 à 18:44
I love New Yorkers, especially the ones on the street who stopped to dance with these girls.
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Publié le 01/03 à 00:25
It's a #Bachelor show two-for-one! Check out the recap here, and their interview with Rachel on ellentube! ellen.tv/2m97TGD
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Publié le 28/02 à 22:26
Always work your best angles. #EDbyPetSmart ED Ellen DeGeneres ellen.tv/2lTuN2g
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Publié le 28/02 à 21:48
Made me so happy to see Tony, who survived the Pulse shooting, happy & healthier than ever. I had a big surprise for him and my audience.
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Publié le 28/02 à 21:10
This father and daughter are so sweet together, I can't stand it.