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Publié le 27/03 à 16:10
Happy Spring Break, Everybody.
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Publié le 26/03 à 19:10
Jenna Fischer & Oliver Hudson are the stars of my new show, #SplittingUpTogether on ABC. But right now, they’re in my hot seat for #BurningQuestions. Watch this, and don’t miss the premiere tomorrow night!
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Publié le 26/03 à 18:17
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Publié le 26/03 à 01:04
This clip is insane. I hope winter gets here soon. #LittleBigShots
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Publié le 24/03 à 17:31
These kids from Marjory Stoneman Douglas see a need for change in our world, and they’re doing something about it. March for our Lives
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Publié le 24/03 à 00:46
Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone donating to the Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund. I'm reading your stories and each one means so much to me. We're gonna do something amazing together. #WeNeedGorillas
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Publié le 23/03 à 20:10
John Cena told me about getting surprisingly naked in his new movie.
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Publié le 23/03 à 19:06
Getting to talk to Sigourney Weaver about gorillas was a dream come true for me. Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund
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Publié le 23/03 à 17:44
Kaylee is on #LittleBigShots with Pentatonix on Sunday. Hallelujah!
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Publié le 23/03 à 17:09
I sent Jillian to get something from Walmart for me, but the truth is, she was there to get something for herself.