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Publié le 16/03 à 23:18
Everyone on my staff is so obsessed with my game "Dice with Ellen," they're too busy to focus on Show with Ellen. http://bit.ly/2m0griC
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Publié le 16/03 à 22:06
Brielle learned a lot about pollination and why bees are so important. It doesn’t get much cuter than this. #BringBacktheBees
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Publié le 16/03 à 21:21
"The Real Housecats" are back! This might be the best thing I've ever done.
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Publié le 16/03 à 20:48
They're so cute and they nose it. ellen.tv/2mxjgUW
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Publié le 16/03 à 19:36
Some of my audience members are on Bumble, so I offered to help them improve their profiles.
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Publié le 16/03 à 18:05
I got in bed with Lea Michele. You heard me.
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Publié le 16/03 à 17:25
Nate is 5 years old, and he's already an expert on two things – geography and being ridiculously adorable.
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Publié le 16/03 à 00:23
It’s the finale of my staff's #Bachelor recap show! We were all thinking it. They said it.
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Publié le 15/03 à 21:41
This is my Executive Producer Ed Glavin’s dog, Lady, who has almost figured out how to use my #EDbyEllen dog bed. #EDbyPetSmart ED Ellen DeGeneres
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Publié le 15/03 à 20:50
Kelsey still hasn’t recovered from how much she loved playing "Dice with Ellen." It’s so much fun at home too! http://bit.ly/2m0griC