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Publié le 20/03 à 19:29
Pour in the sunshine. #FirstDayofSpring — Products shown: ellen Show Neon Mug Pink and ellen Show Neon Mug- Yellow.
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Publié le 20/03 à 18:34
It's like a cute competition and we all win. ellen.tv/2nX8fgH
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Publié le 18/03 à 19:30
Natalie is on Little Big Shots tomorrow and she is all kinds of adorable... especially the kind that gets Steve Harvey in trouble.
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Publié le 18/03 à 17:00
I don't know what else to tell you, other than you will not believe this baby's hair.
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Publié le 17/03 à 21:45
When you're trying to watch your favorite show, and someone keeps talking to you. ellen.tv/2mRIZcA
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Publié le 17/03 à 20:59
Kristen Bell told me her side of the story today, Dax Shepard.
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Publié le 17/03 à 20:06
Frito-Lay has a great opportunity for kids with big imaginations. Find out more about Dreamvention here. http://ellen.tv/FrlyVP
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Publié le 17/03 à 19:06
Who told you about my pot of gold? #StPatricksDay #EmojiExploji App Store: http://ellen.tv/emoji Google Play: http://ellen.tv/emoji-app
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Publié le 17/03 à 17:34
Kristen Bell and I played a special round of Heads Up App for #StPatricksDay. It's safe to say our knees were the losers.
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Publié le 17/03 à 16:42
Happy #StPatricksDay to all of my Irish fans. And everyone who enjoys day drinking.