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Publié le 22/01 à 21:36
Frederick started a GoFundMe to help kids get to see Black Panther. I love that, I love him, and I love what we’re doing together.
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Publié le 22/01 à 20:55
Come on. ellen.tv/2n0FkKI
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The one and only Black Panther is here today. Chadwick Boseman
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Publié le 22/01 à 18:11
49 million views later, Kalen Allen is back.
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Publié le 20/01 à 23:25
Thank you to everyone who has sent thoughts and prayers for Montecito. I’ve been watching all the people who have donated to my GoFundMe and I’m grateful to each and every one of you. You can donate here. ellen.tv/2DPrv9a
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Publié le 20/01 à 21:08
Happy National DJ Day, Stephen tWitch Boss.
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Publié le 20/01 à 19:35
I can’t believe I’m going to be 60 this week! I love rating your babies but this week I want to rate the 60 year olds in your life. #EllenRateMy60YearOld
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Publié le 20/01 à 19:15
If you wanna sit in the skybox on my birthday show, you better send me a great video. ellen.tv/2Dk3lCl
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Publié le 19/01 à 20:54
I’m so grateful to the people of Santa Barbara Equine Evacuation and Assistance Team, Inc. who have been keeping animals alive in the devastation around Montecito. You can support them right here. ellen.tv/2DOjUrf