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Publié le 08/11 à 18:23
I figured we could all use some Idris Elba today.
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Publié le 08/11 à 01:10
Adam Levine told me about watching Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani make out.
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Publié le 07/11 à 21:59
If you like seeing celebrities in my Ellen underwear, this montage is for you. ellen.tv/2v7urcB
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Publié le 07/11 à 21:33
Brand new episode! Don’t miss Adam Levine, Lil' Mushroom & Jesse Tyler Ferguson today on #EllenShowMeMore!
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Publié le 07/11 à 20:57
Wanna win a trip to the GEICO Skybox for one of my 12 Days of Giveaways?! Send YOUR creative, one-minute video to me now. ellentube.com/geico
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Publié le 07/11 à 20:19
Adam Levine pranking this delivery guy is the best thing you’ll see all day. #EllenShowMeMore
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Publié le 07/11 à 19:49
I’ve searched the globe for the most incredible people, and brought them to me, just for you. #Ellen2500
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Publié le 07/11 à 19:18
My show was live from Nashville! There was a whole lotta plaid and a whole lotta Paisley. Brad Paisley
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Publié le 07/11 à 18:35
Adam Levine revealed the gender of his new baby, and once again I’ll be naming the baby.
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Publié le 06/11 à 22:34
I have an exciting new slots game that you can play at home right now! Some friends helped me introduce it. App Store: ellen.tv/2zl0Z51 Google Play: ellen.tv/2hO3ghT