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Publié le 19/01 à 17:39
Nicole Richie is hilarious and so is her bearded dragon.
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Publié le 18/01 à 22:35
This could be the most bizarre round of “Who’d You Rather” we’ve ever played.
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Publié le 18/01 à 20:53
I can’t imagine having a better fan than this. Thank you, Jordan.
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Publié le 18/01 à 20:19
Saoirse Ronan is wonderful and adorable and amazingly talented.
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Publié le 18/01 à 19:27
Thank you to my friend and neighbor Rob Lowe for being here today. You can help the people and animals of Montecito here. ellen.tv/2DPrv9a
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Publié le 18/01 à 18:51
Happy birthday, Brielle! I think 6 is the year you finally master quantum physics.
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Publié le 18/01 à 18:05
What a talented group of artists, including SZA who I love. #StartSomethingPriceless
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Publié le 17/01 à 22:57
What I want for my birthday more than anything is for people to #BeKindtoOneAnother. If you know someone who’s done an act of kindness, tell me about it here, and they might wind up at my birthday show! #OneMillionActsOfGood ellen.tv/2mk7Y8y
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Publié le 17/01 à 22:09
Sarah Jessica Parker has a great collection of Ellen mugs, and you can too! ellen.tv/2iFLpsE
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Publié le 17/01 à 21:40
Did you see this last night? I may have wound the #DizzyDash too much. #GameofGames