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Publié le 04/10 à 17:57
My friend and polo champion Nacho Figueras gave Andy Zenor a lesson in horseback riding. Great news – he only fell off once.
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Publié le 04/10 à 17:13
Savannah Guthrie told me about meeting her crush, Roger Federer.
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I couldn’t resist the chance to bring Stephanie back. That was a very good decision.
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Publié le 04/10 à 00:40
Did you miss this week’s episode of #DWTS? My staff recap is here!
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Publié le 03/10 à 20:43
Thanks to my hidden microphones, I now know what my audience is whispering about.
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Publié le 03/10 à 20:05
If you like Jamie Dornan dry, wait 'til you see him wet.
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Publié le 03/10 à 19:31
This school in East Harlem is changing kids’ lives. It was fun to do something special for them.
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I’m looking for everyday, local, inspiring figures in sports. Do you know someone who’s a goalpost above the rest? ellen.tv/2QsblYf
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Publié le 03/10 à 17:14
Busy Philipps told a heartbreaking story about what happened to her at 14 years old. I’m proud of her and I’m proud of all women who come forward.
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Publié le 02/10 à 23:05
Listening to my Executive Producers laugh about what happens on the show is my new favorite thing. Check out the latest episode of my podcast! ellen.tv/2OviuGG