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Publié le 05/09 à 13:17
La folie à Bastogne !! Merci à tous ! #onestensemble #icewatch ⌚️
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Publié le 05/09 à 07:59
Tapping into my new third kit with NikeConnect.
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Publié le 31/08 à 08:10
My friends, here is a chance to play poker in person with me in the @bwin Hazard Series. It’s free to enter and over 6000 have participated so far – It’s for charity and we’re aiming to raise at least €50,000 for the @onedrop Let’s change the game together! https://m.bwin.com/en/mobileportal/promotions/poker/1561
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Publié le 21/08 à 14:55
Samedi 25/08/18 à 20H00, stade Leburton 5ème Tour Crocky Cup AFC Tubize - Royal Stade Brainois Toute ma jeunesse !! Tous au stade, #onestensemble
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Publié le 17/08 à 13:23
Hello my friends, excited to launch the Hazard Series Charity Poker Tournament! With my help, Bwin are supporting @1dropwater by donating €1 for each sign up. Help me change the game! More to come… #bwin #poker #changethegame #hazardseries #onedropfoundation #onedrop #competition
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Publié le 15/08 à 11:14
World class dream team
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Publié le 14/08 à 11:02
Teamed up with Nissan
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Publié le 13/08 à 22:19
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Publié le 03/07 à 12:47
World Cup knockout football is not easy, but we have a great atmosphere and this team never gives up. Thank you for your support everyone, we needed it yesterday. Quarter finals we’re coming, we are #REDTOGETHER
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Publié le 23/06 à 16:19
Amazing support today! Glad for 3 more points! Thank you everyone in Moscow!! #REDTOGETHER⁠ ⁠ #family