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Publié le 07/12 à 17:10
Many images of mental health in America are hurtful or just inaccurate. To change that, we created a new collection of photos that show what mental health really looks like - share our new pictures on and help us get the word out! #BeVocalSpeakUp
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Publié le 06/12 à 18:13
I still can't believe I've been NOMINATED FOR A GRAMMY.... you guys have no idea how unbelievably grateful and happy I am.. wow... #pinchme
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Publié le 06/12 à 18:12
Btw.. it is an HONOR to be nominated with Adele, Sia, Justin Bieber & Ariana Grande!!!!!!
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Publié le 06/12 à 18:10
Woke up to the most amazing news EVER!!!!!!! Wow... thank you SO MUCH to Recording Academy / GRAMMYs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Publié le 05/12 à 20:45
Can't get enough of the NYC New York Color Canada Expert Last Lip Color! You can review your fav products on the site now! You might find mine on their too!
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Publié le 05/12 à 19:15
What are some songs you’d like to hear at my concert in St. Maarten with Celebrity Cruises? Tell me your picks below. I’m so excited, it’s going to be an incredible night! #DestinationDemi
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Publié le 02/12 à 20:00
Working with Episode, Apple, and (RED) to #endAIDS. Get the (EPISODE)RED pack today! #GamesForRED (RED) App Store
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Publié le 02/12 à 17:00
I loved getting to design my own personal rose gold and matte black Honda Civic for Honda Civic Tour.. Want it? Enter at
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Publié le 30/11 à 17:00
Who’s ready to close out 2016 with me and Celebrity Cruises? #DestinationDemi
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Publié le 30/11 à 13:00
So excited to announce the #BeVocalSpeakUp photo collection is now live on With Getty Images, we’re changing the way mental health is portrayed with photos that show the everyday lives of ten amazing people living well with a mental health condition. Check out more pics here: Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) (national headquarters) | National Council for Behavioral Health | Mental Health America | The Jed Foundation | NAMI | Sunovion Pharmaceuticals