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Publié le 11/10 à 19:02
Every donation and form of assistance counts! My heart breaks to hear that so many people, including my long time Makeup artist and friend Jill Powell Glam and her parents, lost everything in the California fires. Thoughts and prayers are with Northern California
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A year ago I became a partner at CAST Centers which is a treatment center for mental health and addiction. I feel fortunate to be a part of such an incredible team focused on breaking the stigma around mental health and providing help to those in need. #WorldMentalHealthDay
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Proud to share the trailer for #SimplyComplicated with you guys!! Can't wait for you to watch on 10/17! YouTube ❤️
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Thank you iHeartRadio Elvis Duran and of course my amazing Lovatics for sharing your evening with me in NYC! #TellMeYouLoveMe #iHeartDemiLovato
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Every piece from my Fabletics collection was designed to empower women and girls everywhere!! #GirlUp
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Best manager ever Philymack
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Throwing a #TellMeYouLoveMe Release Party with iHeartRadio in NYC TONIGHT at 7pm!! #iHeartDemiLovato Watch here ❤️
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Me and Oprah Winfrey... #nbd #Doprah
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Publié le 06/10 à 19:20
Thanks Today Show for having me yesterday! Feeling better & glad I got to perform for you guys