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"There has been times in my life I thought the young girl was dead but she was just hiding for safety”- Tiffany Haddish, you are my hero. God bless you xx Regram from Tiffany Haddish: Wow I have changed in so many ways, and yet I am still that same little Girl that just wants to bring joy. I watched this like a hundred times. I laugh with joy because I am doing everything the young me wanted to do, and I cry a little because that young girl has been thru so much just to get me to this point and there is still so far to go to make our dreams come true. I made a promise to the young girl in me that I would do everything in my power to keep her safe and live our Dream. There has been times in my life I thought the young girl was dead but she was just hiding for safety. Wow Thank you Laugh Factory for giving us a safe place to grow.
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Times Up Now
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Sandra Bullock, you’re even more delicious than the cream puffs you sent over. Ocean's 8
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I was very sad to hear about Interview Magazine folding. I was so proud every time I was featured, and landing a cover was a dream come true. End of an era...
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Law Roach gives good dream closet
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Sometimes it’s so good you just gotta call it out. Way to do, K-Stew
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I’ll sit this one out with you Mindy Kaling xx
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Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom, the actress Kate McCauley Hathaway. This is a photo of her as Nellie Forbush in South Pacific. She was four months pregnant with my older brother when she played this part and did cartwheels on stage every dang night- twice on matinee days. She pursued her dreams of being an actress while raising three children before that was cool and before you got credit for it— and she hasn’t stopped. She is in rehearsal right now for “At Wit’s End” at Cape May Stage which runs May 24th- June 22nd. If you find yourself in the cutest town just south of #exitzero in NJ, you should check her out. Mama, you’re the Queen. Happy Mother’s Day xx
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Where sweet and surreal meet #MetGala
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What’s greater than a Queen? Oh, right, Frances McDormand (I didn’t think it could be possible but she is even better in real life) | Met Gala Valentino Repost from @pppiccioli | Instagram