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Publié le 19/07 à 22:48
POSE on FX is my new favorite show. Two episodes ago the always excellent Billy Porter left my jaw on the floor with his performance, one of the best I have ever seen on TV- happily I can’t get it out of my mind. He stands out amongst an inspiring and revelatory cast. Do yourself a favor- see what really makes America great and tune in. A note: the LGBTTQQIAAP community is beautiful, loved, worthy and my family. I only welcome words of love and support to them. If you do not yet possess any, offer your silence.
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Publié le 16/07 à 13:17
Amazing final!! Bravo Les Bleus!!!
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Publié le 02/07 à 19:20
Hey, This has been on my mind all weekend. I posted something last week that was intended to be about communicating from a place of peace and was surprised and challenged by some of the responses. I personally believe you fight fire (anger, hate) with water (compassion and peace), HOWEVER it was a wake up call that my ability to choose peace safely has a great deal to do with my privilege. I want to make it clear that there is not equivalence between oppression and the language used to stand up to oppression. Thank you to those who were respectful in how you kept me in check- I hear you. Peace does not equal silence or neutrality. Peace xx
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Publié le 30/06 à 13:08
This is not about politics, it’s about people #familiesbelongtogether
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Publié le 29/06 à 18:08
#annapolis Everytown for Gun Safety #enough
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Publié le 28/06 à 16:37
Hey! I was going to post something about this topic but then Rashida Jones said it better (of course) Whoever you voted for- ugly, violent words are the same in blue or red. Peace xx
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Publié le 26/06 à 14:14
However you feel about immigration, it’s important to hear all sides of the story. Please read. Peace xx
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Publié le 23/06 à 14:02
Please consider also donating to Americans for Immigrant Justice Peace xx Repost Jessica Seinfeld The impact this toxic stress has on these children will last a lifetime. Advocacy and legal assistance for these families through organizations like RAICES and ACLU are the most impactful ways to help. Let us all, as human beings, support the simple act of reunifying the 1850+ children with their parents. Repost ・・・ This Guatemalan mother had to sue Trump officials to get this hug. She was reunited with her son after being separated at the border more than a month ago. (
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Publié le 22/06 à 14:42
In a week that filled my eyes, ears, and soul with sadness, I keep coming back to this image which fills me with joy, gratitude and hope. Congratulations Virgil Abloh and Louis Vuitton, and thank you. Peace xx